About Us

Let us brighten your smile!

1. About Company/ Organization

Creation Energy was founded in 2010, and started operations in 2011 as a renewable energy and energy efficiency product and service provider to last mile base of the pyramid customers. Over the years, the company has accumulated a reputation for delivering quality, affordable, appropriate and innovative renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental products and services, as well as implementing key partner projects.

2. Mission & Vision

Our goal is to promote last mile access to sustainable energy, adoption and application of renewable energy products and services to all levels of users, to promote sustainable development in Uganda and beyond. In addition, we educate users on the benefits and rationale of adopting the use clean renewable energy and energy efficiency practices to influence behavioral change and informed decisions. We place ourselves in offer to organizations and institutions that desire to invest resources in increasing energy access and capacity, their commitment to the environment, and desire to see a more sustainable future and desire to become more energy efficient.

Our goal and mission is to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy for ordinary base of the pyramid customers.

3. Core Values

  • Quality and Reliability: We believe that each and every customer and client who pays for our products and services, at whatever cost, should experience satisfaction, value for money and a great user experience!
  • Education and Sensitization:  Our desire is that our customers and clients understand and appreciate the need to invest in our products and services through making informed decisions.
  • Partnerships:  Even though we operate in a competitive environment, our goal as a company means that we are interested in working with others who have similar interests and goals for the benefit of the whole world.
  • Everyone and Everywhere:  Our customers and clients includes individuals at all social and income levels, because our passion is to see that every human being and organization uses at least a piece of renewable energy in their day to day life.